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Central Library, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology was established in 1988 (the same year this institute was established). Since then, this center of learning has been functioning with the aim of encouraging self-learning and to supplement academics, boosting research and development activities, and promoting consultancy activities. At present central library is housed in a multistoried building situated in the midst of all departments and hostels and is easily accessible to all. For the smooth functioning of the library, it has been divided into different sections and readers have been allowed open access to the library holdings.

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Recent Publications

Valorization of bottom ash in concrete: serviceability, microstructural and sustainability characterization

Ankur, N and Singh, N

The present study investigated the synergistic influence of bottom ash as a Portland cement (PC) and natural fine aggregate (NFA) replacement in concrete. Coal bottom ash (CBA) is a heavy ash that settles at bottom of combustion chamber of a thermal power plant and was grinded (GCBA) for two hours prior to replacing 10-30% PC whereas CBA was used in raw form to replace 25% and 50% NFA. The mech

Offline learning-based competitive swarm optimizer for non-linear fixed-charge transportation problems

Chauhan, D and Shivani

The fixed -charge transportation (FCT) problem, an extension of the classical transportation problem, holds significance in practical logistics scenarios where fixed charges play a crucial role. Fixed charges categorize it as an NP -hard problem, posing challenges for conventional methods due to their inefficiency, high computational costs, and susceptibility to local optima. This paper introdu

Assessing the impact of recycled mortar powder on the strength, durability and microstructural characteristics of geopolymer concrete

Singh, P and Kapoor, K

The recycling of concrete waste and its utilization in new concrete production can be a great contribution to a sustainable environment. In the present study, the impact of recycled mortar powder (RMP) was accessed on fly ash (FA) based geopolymer concrete (GC). The RMP was substituted with FA in the range of 0-50%. The durability properties such as capillary suction test (CST), initial surface

A review on polysaccharide based aerogel synthesis and their applications

Rai, N and Chauhan, I

Aerogels are highly porous solid materials with density even less than air. Various materials such as cellulose, chitosan, titanium oxide, chitin, pectin, silica oxide, starch, carrageenan, and mucilage have been used till date to synthesize the aerogels. However, these aerogels can be brittle, toxic, non-biodegradable, and can add environmental load on degradation. Since last few decades, poly

FSS inspired two port CP MIMO antenna with enhanced gain for X-band applications

Singh, AKumar, A and Kanaujia, BK

In this work, a dual-port circularly polarized (CP) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna equipped with frequency selective surface (FSS) for X-band applications is designed and analyzed. The antenna system aims to enhance gain, a critical parameter like isolation radiation pattern, etc. In wireless communication systems working in the X-band frequency range. The present MIMO antenna co

Experimental study and Large Eddy Simulation of slot jet impingement cooling from heated cylinder placed on flat plate

Ganatra, KASingh, D and Mukhopadhyay, A

The present study focuses on the experimental investigation and numerical study using Large Eddy Simulation (LES) for an air-impinging jet. The investigation is carried out for slot jet impingement on the heated cylinder with an adiabatic flat plate beneath the heated cylinder. The parametric investigation is conducted for parameters such as Reynolds number (Re), jet-to-cylinder spacing (h/S),

β-Cyclodextrin modified chitosan and κ-carrageenan composites for acid fuchsin dye removal: mechanism insight and adsorption performance

Vaid, VKhushbu; (...); Jindal, R

This study is aimed at developing a highly effective adsorbent by physically crosslinking chitosan (CH), kappa-carrageenan (KCG), and beta-cyclodextrin (beta-CD) for removing acid fuchsin (AF) dye from water. Various analytical techniques, such as PXRD, FTIR, FE-SEM, and EDS, were utilized to analyze the interactions and morphology of the crosslinked biosorbents. The adsorption performance of C

Progress in aerospace materials and ablation resistant Coatings: A focused review

Soni, RVerma, R; (...); Singh, H

The pursuit of better performance, economy, safety, and eco-friendliness makes it very important to study the advancements in aerospace materials and their behaviour in different loading conditions and environments. Key highlights of contemporary research include breakthroughs in various materials such as high strengths of carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRPs) with respect to their weight, b

AI-Based Sustainable and Intelligent Offloading Framework for IIoT in Collaborative Cloud-Fog Environments

Kumar, MWalia, GK; (...); Gill, SS

The cloud paradigm is one of the most trending areas in today's era due to its rich profusion of services. However, it fails to serve the latency-sensitive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications associated with automotives, robotics, oil and gas, smart communications, Industry 5.0, etc. Hence, to strengthen the capabilities of IIoT, fog computing has emerged as a promising solution f

An efficient, step-economical synthesis of β-carboline tethered imidazopyrido[3,4-b]indoles from acetals

VaishaliBanyal, N; (...); Singh, V

An efficient one-pot pseudo three component cascade annulation reaction has been devised to generate the fluorescent beta-carboline tethered imidazopyrido[3,4-b]indole derivatives. These scaffolds were afforded in high yields via one-pot cascade reaction of diversified beta-carboline acetals with NH4Cl through the formation of three C-N bonds in a single operation. The current protocol is step-

Adversarial ML-Based Secured Cloud Architecture for Consumer Internet of Things of Smart Healthcare

Samriya, JKChakraborty, C; (...); Ramakuri, SK

The profound era of cloud computing (CC) is revolutionizing Industry 5.0in which users have online access to network services including better, transparent user management and the capacity to gather and analyze data. The services of the cloud paradigm have been adopted by academia, industries, healthcare, smart homes, and other areas due to cost-efficient and on-demand resources for IoT applica

Advances in Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites for Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Review

Tripathy, JMishra, A; (...); Shahid, MK

Addressing water scarcity and pollution is imperative in tackling global environmental challenges, prompting the exploration of innovative techniques for effective water and wastewater treatment. Nanotechnology presents promising solutions through the customization of nanoparticles and nanocomposites specifically designed for water purification applications. This review delves into recent advan

Blockchain and Reinforcement Neural Network for Trusted Cloud-Enabled IoT Network

Samriya, JKKumar, S; (...); Gill, SS

The rapid integration of Internet of Things (IoT) services and applications across various sectors is primarily driven by their ability to process real-time data and create intelligent environments through artificial intelligence for service consumers. However, the security and privacy of data have emerged as significant threats to consumers within IoT networks. Issues such as node tampering, p