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The Central Library enables the library patrons to issue / return books from library on all working days (Monday - Friday) from 9:00 am to 05:00 pm. 


To issue books from library, student has to follow the below mentioned process. 

  • Search the book from stack. 
  • Go the circulation counter with book and ID Card 
  • Circulation staff will issue the book. 
  • Take the book and ensure to enter the details of issued books in the register kept at the entrance of the library. You need to enter your Roll No. / Employee Code and Accession Number of the book in the register. 

Note: Please ensure that you are taking books on your card only. In case of taking books on other's card may lead to suspension of your library membership. 


The return process includes the following steps: 

  • Bring the issued books to the circulation counter. 
  • Circulation counter will return the book and confirm. 

Note: You need produce the library membership card to return the book. Only book is to be given to the staff to return. 

Important Instructions: 

  • Ensure that you don't bring your personal books to the library. 
  • Bring the issued book to the library only when you have to return it. In case, you bring the issued book to the library, you shall not be allowed to take it out from the library.